Decentralized Social Media’s (DESO) Role in Lifestyle Brand Ascension

All is positioned to be the lifestyle and fashion brand of the Web 3.0 world. This is why All’s main outreach and social operations are on and the DeSo blockchain.

About DeSo

To understand why, you must understand DeSo. DeSo is a layer-1 cryptocurrency, it is the open-source protocol that all DeSo social applications run on. It’s the base of the pyramid no other applications exist without it. Layer 2’s help with scaling, layer 3 is where DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and NFTs exist, and Layer 4 is where “normies” interface with the 3 building layers. The DeSo protocol has the first 3 layers integrated into one simple to build on ecosystem. Networks like Ethereum takes massive amounts of resources and separate teams to build each layer with difficulties linking and connecting 1to 4. 

Supernovas is the number one Web 3.0 NFT marketplace. Since DeSo is also designed to store social points of text, every NFT natively has social capabilities like likes, tipping, reposts and comments. Minting is easy as posting to Twitter, there is no external wallet needed since wallets are native to DeSo.

Why DeSo For Your Brand?

Building brands is about building communities and community members wanted to be rewarded for their contributions. Structuring your brand into a DAO puts the power in their hands giving them ownership, pride, and conviction into the brand. DAO holders can receive exclusive utility airdrops, token airdrops, voting rights for the organization, and more. On DeSo you can create an infinite loop of support and success driven by first yourself and then the community.

Own your social graph. There’s no need to put the faith of our brands and companies in the hands of private interest corporations. Too often are accounts taken down and removed with no warning of justification. Earn your money NOW, no waiting for a creator fund, no minimum followers. DeSo turns social media inside out, with micro tips, creator coins, DAOs and NFTs.

All has over 100 followers on DeSo and has been minting NFTs since its inception. All will shift into a DAO when (DAO,DAO)  launches next month. Find value where others don’t see it, get involved with and stay true and convicted and you’ll achieve greatness.