How DAOs are Going to Change The World More Than NFTs.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization, that’s what DAO stands for. Imagine a company or even a small Facebook group 💯 percent governed and ran by its “shareholders” or token holders. Imagine being able to raise capital from everyone, not just venture capitalists and think about the flip side to that, people will be able to get on the floor of startups with full transparency into equity distribution or “tokenomics”. Remember Kickstarter?? Now, what if instead of donating money, you now get shares in that company. What if all the communication was on a blockchain offering a permanent ledger of discussion? These are all things that can be done with a DAO.

Where can you buy, sell, and create DAOS?

DAO,DAO is the name of the platform/marketplace. Previously DAO coins were listed as normal tokens on exchanges with no easy way of sifting through all the offerings included in a DAO. Now with on-chain social profiles and bios you can find everything you need before you invest into a DAO. DAO,DAO publicly launched earlier this month launching with over a 1000 DAOS off the bat. Bear with me for this one, DAO,DAO in itself is also DAO. DAO,DAO eats their own medicine, this means all of the DAOs and the platform itself are self-governed by the token holders. DAO,DAO is going to do what OpenSea did for NFTs.

All Clothing Brand DAO

If you’ve made it this far in the reading, you’re wondering how does this pertain to All Clothing Brand. All is THE clothing brand of web 3 and the metaverse. All will be structured as a DAO on DAO,DAO. Look out for full disclosure of All’s Dao by the end of this quarter. Airdrops for early supporters are coming along with other privileges and benefits. All’s fundraising will go to All’s IRL 2.0 launch, 3-d world development, and business development to build a larger audience.

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