NFT’s and the Metaverse Meet Fashion


Hey everyone, this will be our first All Clothing Brand Blog post. I want to be a more present voice in the crossing into virtual fashion and collectibles. For those who don’t know about my journey, I started All in the summer of 2020 during my college to career gap. At the time, my idea was to be innovative in clothing, little did I know I would be shifting my brand's direction into a whole new reality. I never stopped jabbing away at All and now I see the whole vision and the bigger picture for All.

The opportunity

The fashion industry is much like the automotive industry pre-Tesla and EV. it’s been the same conglomerates running the game, the old dogs are sitting on their heels. The digital space is so far out of their realm they’re going to need to be all hands on deck to compete with native meta clothing brands. As I said, Pre-Tesla Automakers were doing the same thing for 100 years, it takes one company to move the entire industry.  Physical clothes still reflect a gone time, suits were made with utilities for pocket watches and handkerchiefs, and jeans were made with utilities for physical laboring. When was the last time we saw clothing truly evolve? That’s where all Steps in.


What is All doing to evolve clothing? Every piece of All clothing gets you an NFT. the NFT certifies your purchase, it can be used when trading the clothing to certify the transaction. NFTs can also be integrated into future virtual realities and common video games. Own your exact shirt in-game and in life, the ultimate flex. The All IRL (in real life) line of clothes brings functionality back to the real world. The All top 1.0 introduces auto-buttoning with magnetic buttons. The automatic buttons will have you buttoned up to the nine in less than a second. The All Top 1.0 is inclusive of people with physical disabilities like arthritis, Parksien’s, and M.S., no more fidgeting around.

What to expect in upcoming blog posts? All’s main focus is to BUIDL in the metaverse. The focuses are meta wearables and on land shops/experiences. The three worlds we’re looking into are Decentraland, Sandbox, and Arcadeland. The All 2.0 IRL line is scheduled for 2023.

Until next time, All out.